Find the eating plan that
makes sense for your body

What is your goal?

Want to feel well, lose a few kilos or help your clients do the same?  dietflex can help!  Our eating program, developed by health industry professionals, is tailored around your body, eating preferences and goals, and is delivered through weekly face-to-face coaching sessions to give you accountability and support. dietflex coaching is typically one-on-one but can be done with couples, online via Skype or in small groups.

How are we different?

Main meals from ‘real food’

You’ll learn how to lose weight with main meals created from everyday supermarket foods – in a family friendly way. Whether or not you like cooking, the dietflex food plans are easy to follow, with quick and easy recipes.

Optional exercise

It’s a common myth that “Exercise leads to weight loss.” Many overweight people have plenty of stored energy, but they can’t access it. This means they don’t have the energy or inclination to exercise. However, when people do the dietflex program their energy increases, joint pain reduces, and as their weight goes down, their ability and desire to exercise increases. dietflex actually helps people become exercisers and thereby enjoy the lifelong health and social benefits that exercise and increased fitness brings.

No hunger weight loss

People often think “diet = hunger”. Actually hunger is the enemy of successful weight loss. With dietflex, your food choices will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and you can also include between-meal snacks for those times that you do feel hungry. You’ll be eating nutrient-rich foods that keep your body in fat-burning mode 24/7.

Sustainable weight loss

The problem with ‘eating less and exercising more’ is that it requires willpower and is simply not sustainable for most people. At best, most last a few days before giving up. With dietflex it is about developing a personalised eating plan that switches your body from fat storage to fat burning. As you feel better and have more energy the program becomes self-sustaining. You don’t want to give up feeling so good!

Meet our team

Ellen and Jamie Hayes


Robyn Jordan

National Training Manager

Jill MacGregor


Just some of our happy clients

"I look and feel a new man!"

Damien - Lost 15 kilos

"With dietflex I have made great headway towards achieving my weight loss goal. Having great results by following dietflex has given me the tools in healthy eating that can help me long into the future.”

Sue S