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Achieve Your Ideal Weight Without Counting Calories, Exercising More, or Feeling Hungry

Hi, I'm Jamie Hayes. For the past 15 years, our program coaches have helped over 15,000 clients lose over 150,000 kilos with our unique weight loss program.

It's the only program that helps each person discover their body's individual carb tolerance for hunger-free weight loss. It combines this with weekly one-on-one coaching, either in person or online.

Most of our clients had already tried a range of things to lose excess weight and keep it off. They are amazed how easily they lose weight without ever experiencing hunger. Physical activity becomes easier as well.

If you're looking for a way to achieve your ideal weight and you're open to having a helping hand, then I invite you to register for a free chat with one of our local or online dietflex providers.

The dietflex program and one-on-one coaching gives you EVERYTHING you need to predictably achieve your healthy weight goals, and strengthen your health.

Christine lost 8.4kg

Carolyn lost 3.3kg

Tracey lost 6.5kg

Ross lost 20kg

Tash lost 14kg

What makes dietflex different?

Dietflex - new approach to weight loss helps people lose weight without hunger.

We’ve all heard the advice “Weight loss is just about energy balance - eating less and moving more.” We say that this advice rarely works as it leads to hunger, which makes them abandon their plan.

What’s the secret?

We know that most people who are carrying extra body fat do not actually have ready access to the energy stored in their body fat. If the hormone insulin is too high, it blocks fat release. In order to release fat for energy your clients need a way to normalise their insulin levels. The only way to do this is to eat less carbohydrate than their body’s individual tolerance. 

One diet does NOT suit everybody. It needs an individual approach. Once you discover your body’s individual carb tolerance, then, and only then does energy balance work. You naturally eat less. 

Dietflex helps your body get access to the energy stored in body fat. This makes weight loss easier and more sustainable. With dietflex you get more energy for exercise. The goal is to help you become exercisers for life.

Dietflex is the only program designed to help you to discover your body’s individual carb tolerance and get predictable results.

While many programs simply give clients a handout and then leave them to implement the advice, dietflex helps with behaviour change. Change can be hard, so regular, on-going accountability and face-to-face support is key to implement and maintain changes to your daily choices. You're not on your own!


  • Are you sick of being hungry when dieting?
  • Do you believe each person is different?
  • Are you ready to have an inspiring coach to keep you motivated and on track?

Then dietflex will work for you.

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