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12 tips from successful slimmers

karen-jThere are a number of secrets known by those successful at losing weight and improving their health, but often not shared. Here are some common secrets shared by successful Slimmers that may well be helpful to others. We’d like to share these insights.

In no particular order:

  1. Their success was possible only because of the support they received. It’s one thing to be motivated and have a great plan, but motivation wanes and it’s the support, encouragement, and belief from the coach that makes such a huge difference.
  2. Family and friend support is important. So many entries talked about how their family had adopted some of the habits of the Slimmer, which made it much easier to stick to their program.
  3. Most had tried to lose weight by themselves. Some has no success at all while others lost a bit of weight only to regain it – and more. Perhaps this relates back to point 1?
  4. Many talked about how happy they are to now be able to do things they always wanted, but made excuses to avoid doing due to feeling uncomfortable, unfit or embarrassed.
  5. Many said that they surprised themselves with their discipline. They had previously seen themselves as lacking in will power or discipline, but on starting the program the clear guidelines made it easy.
  6. Many have improved sleep as a result of eating better,
  7. Fitness, which for many had been very low, has become a priority that they enjoy. This was perhaps the biggest surprise for some.
  8. Some talked of their physical ailments that caused weight gain and prevented exercise, but that the program allowed them to reduce or eliminate pain, recover from long-standing ailments, and start some gentle exercise.
  9. Some were able to come off medications, with others in negotiation with their doctors about doing the same.
  10. Self-confidence has gone through the roof. Losing weight, getting fitter, and feeling positive changes minds.
  11. For many, taking the very first step was the hardest part. After that everything else was relatively easy.
  12. Changing habits in the long term is the key. Sometimes this involved eliminating foods that were doing them no favours. Sometimes it was about adding regular exercise – and enjoying it. Many said that they simply couldn’t see themselves reverting to the old habits that made them overweight and unhealthy. The new lifestyles are here to stay!