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20 Weight Loss Success Tips

Billie_SA-008 thumbnailSo you’re following a program with a goal to lose weight, and despite all the information, guidelines, resources and coaching available you feel like you need more help. Instead of listing to your husband or neighbour or trainer, why not listen to advice from successful “weight losers” who’ve been there and done that?

  1. I’m organised when preparing some of the delicious recipes and make a double batch and freeze it. They’re great to take to work for lunches. Elaine
  2. I love my veggies anyway, but bulking up on veggies at dinner and salads at lunch is just great. Irene
  3. I decided to do my exercise in the morning while the kids were in bed still, and to shop according to the food allowed. Kodie
  4. I made a decision to not let anything get in the way of my goals no matter how bad things are: never give up! Natasha
  5. I have my priorities clear, and I don’t stress on the things I can’t control. Salina
  6. I really found the chocolate protein bars helped keep me on track as it was so easy to throw them in my bag and have a quality snack with me at all times. Salina
  7. If you happen to have a hiccup or two in your journey to weight loss, put it behind you, and get back on the plan. Elaine
  8. Stick to the weight loss plan and fill in your journal daily. Janine
  9. I’ve learned so much about my body and the food I choose to put into it, that I no longer view either as my enemy. Loretta
  10. When others have faith in you and you refuse to let them down, heights are reached you never saw possible! Linda
  11. I knew that WEIGHING IN was what I needed. Not much can go too wrong in 2-3 days that can’t be fixed relatively quickly. Helen
  12. There is no reason to be overweight… you just need to take the first step… before it’s too late. Claudette
  13. Make a soup to use as a base and add:
    1. Fried onion, mushroom and ham
    2. Chicken, olives and pasta sauce
    3. Can chilli tuna and sour cream
    4. Beef, curry paste and sour cream
    5. Cheese, olives and coriander
    6. Fresh salad
    7. Lamb, mint and sour cream. Lisa 
  14. Even if you are unable to do the gym work, walking works wonders, start off with 10 minutess a day and build it up to 30-45 minutes per day. It does pay off! Elaine
  15. One small decision to start can alter your life for the better. Kerry
  16. You have to be committed to the program and your head has to be in a positive attitude about the weight you want to lose. Jeanette
  17. Modify the family meals to suit your diet and when you go out to eat, make choices that fit within the guidelines. Christina
  18. The key to keeping weight off is due to a change of lifestyle which incorporates exercise and improving the way you consume food. Lana
  19. Having a commitment to me, doing regular weigh ins and touching base with the coach all contributed to my ongoing success. Lana
  20. Every day is a new opportunity. Justin