The step-by-step guide to dietflex coaching success

Here are the steps (and links) to guide you to find out more about dietflex, as well as the steps to setting up your own dietflex coaching license.

Learning about the dietflex program and business.

The easiest way is to watch our 32 minute webinar. Not only will this answer many technical and business questions that you have, it may answer some questions that you have not considered. Click here.

1.  Making contact with the dietflex support office and getting your questions answered.

There are two ways to get your questions answered:

  • Complete the online Enquiry Form to request a phone meeting. The dietflex support office is in Brisbane and operates during normal Brisbane office hours.
  • Email your questions to

2.  Requesting a dietflex licence agreement to read and sign if you decide to proceed.

If you decide to proceed you’ll have to do two things:

  • Complete and sign the dietflex licence agreement. Send it to the dietflex support office.
  • Complete the online licence payment details.

3.  Once you have purchased the licence agreement, how do you get started.

You will be sent login details to:

A.  The password-protected dietflex coach portal. On this portal is the self-paced online training program which typically takes 2 weeks to complete. We recommend that you do the dietflex program yourself as you will learn valuable insight from doing it, regardless of whether you wish to lose weight or not.

On the online coach portal you’ll also be able to download and print:

  • Coaching stationery
  • Client handouts

B.  The password-protected dietflex licensee wholesale shopping cart. On the shopping cart you can:

  • Order client materials: Daily Planners and Booklets. It is helpful to have these on hand as you complete your online training.
  • Order (at wholesale) the between-meal protein shakes, bars and other products. These are purchased in bulk by you and sold to your clients in bulk. As they see you weekly, they typically buy a week’s supply.

4.  How do I set myself up for business?

If you are already in business, as a personal trainer, health professional or business, you may already have EFTPOS and direct debit facilities in place. (If not we can help with contacts.)

If you are not already set up for business, you’ll want to do the following:

  • Decide on a trading entity. Most independent coaches will trade as sole traders – in their own name.
  • Set up an account with Ezidebit so that you can get clients to pay by weekly/fortnightly direct debit. You do NOT want clients paying cash each week. The dietflex Ezidebit contact is Jill Nelson. Email
  • Set up an EFTPOS facility or some equivalent to enable clients to pay you for products using their credit card. You may wish to investigate the Paymate facility through Paypal. Click here.
  • Organise Public Liability and Personal Indemnity insurance. (We can help with contacts.)

5.  Where do I set up myself for business?

There are many places and ways that a dietflex coach can be successful. These include:

  • If you are a personal trainer, you might use your existing premises.
  • In an office at a gym/fitness centre.
  • Rent a consulting room one day per week in a medical centre.
  • Rent a quite space in a beauty centre.
  • Operate from home, as long as you have a room that presents professionally.
  • Operate remotely by having distance clients that you coach by phone and/or Skype.
  • Operate on a clinic basis inside companies – offering the program to their employees.

It’s ideal to be located in a business or organisation that already has a trusted relationship with your potential future clients. This can make marketing much cheaper and help you build your client base faster. You can also have a relationship where they can make bookings and receive enquiries for you.

6.  How do I market myself and the dietflex weight and wellness program?

The dietflex support office can assist with the marketing basics:

  • Free email account
  • Artwork for business card customised with your contact details.
  • Artwork for DL fliers, posters, trifolds, eBlasts and Facebook ads which can be localised with your contact details. There is a choice of materials to appeal to younger and older markets.
  • Free listing on the dietflex website to help people looking for a weight loss solution to find out about you. Each licensee gets one location/area per license.
  • Artwork for poster to display in medical centre or fitness centre
  • Sample ads for local newspapers
  • Power point presentations, transcripts and handout materials for seminars
  • Regular blog articles that you can share with your contacts or post on your social media pages – these make you the expert

The marketing for each licensee will depend upon their individual situation and location. The dietflex support office is only too happy to discuss the most effective marketing opportunities in your situation or location.

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