Why dietflex?

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One diet for all?

Low Fat?  Low Carb?  Low GI?  High Protein?  High Fibre?  Atkins?  Cretan?  Zone?  South Beach?  CSIRO?

The choices are endless.

You might have a point of view, but are you confident advising your clients? Will that advice work as effectively for every client?

For decades scientists have told us that weight is all about calories in and calories out. All we have to do is eat less and exercise more, right? WRONG!

You probably have clients who exercise really well with you but fall into one of these categories:

  • Those who eat and drink whatever they like and they’re lean.
  • Those who are overweight yet hardly eat anything at all.

At dietflex we take a different outlook. Instead of thinking ‘calories in and calories out’ we think that each of us is different in ‘calories stored (as fat) and calories (from fat) burnt’.

The dietflex program is a 12 week process to help determine the foods, quantities and frequency that best suits each client’s body and helps them naturally find their ideal weight. For some who have quite a lot of weight to lose, they may continue for 16 weeks or more.

It goes one step further than that. dietflex is not just about weight, but also about health and wellbeing. We’ve found that many people get used to living with sub-optimal health and within days of starting dietflex they start to notice how good they feel. The dietflex process helps identify the foods and drinks that many can tolerate but may not suit your client’s body.

And so our dietflex philosophy of ‘one diet doesn’t fit all’ applies to weight and to health.

Is dietflex right for my business?

Allied Health Professionals and Medical Centres

There’s two challenges for allied health professionals that dietflex can help:

  • Being able to make a difference with the limited number of sessions covered under most health rebate plans. The dietflex program gives the professional extra leverage to get a better outcome when visits are limited. The dietflex tools do much of the work, and the professional can make any adjustments that may be required for individual patients. Of course any health professional will want to firstly review every aspect of the dietflex program to ensure that it is an effective, healthy, adaptable and sustainable program. (Our training manager is happy to oblige.)
  • Being able to serve a wider weight loss market, many who are highly-motivated to make change but may not be covered by health rebate plans, or their plans don’t give them the ongoing cover for enough face-to-face sessions. Some people who have a lot of weight to lose will be best served by ongoing weekly sessions, even up to 52 weeks. As the commercial weight loss and personal training industries prove, there’s always a section of the community willing to pay fee-for-service for ongoing high-quality face-to-face support. This can add significantly to the business and income of an allied health professional. As most dietflex clients have pre-booked weekly recurring appointments and pre-pay by direct debit, administration is less and missed/cancelled appointments are less common. When people are automatically pre-paying, they are more inclined to show up. Fees can be set by the health professional, but typical fees range from $30 to $35 for weekly 15 minute sessions, with a longer on-boarding session at the start. Clients should be booked back-to-back for maximum session efficiency.

Independent dietflex coaches

dietflex coaches are people who are passionate about helping others get the best results. They have undergone the dietflex training and have become licensed to coach clients on the dietflex program. Some are already working in health and fitness. Others are successful dietflex clients who have achieved their weight goals with the help of a dietflex coach and have then done the training to become a licensed dietflex coach themselves.

Personal Trainers

One of the main reasons people get a Personal Trainer is to get better results and the most desired result is fat loss! Good trainers know the importance of combining diet with exercise. They also know that “one diet does not suit every body”. dietflex provides a process where the trainer and client work together to develop the unique eating plan for each client. By studying to become a licensed dietflex coach, trainers can attract more clients. Many clients are willing to pay premium rates to trainers who help them achieve better faster weight loss results.

Fitness centres and studios

The number one stated goal for new exercisers is weight loss (fat loss). Unfortunately, weight loss is mainly about effective dietary change, especially in the beginning. Having a program that delivers predictable consistent results is key.

The good news for fitness centres is that with the dietflex program they do not need a team member with nutritional qualifications. Of course having qualifications and doing nutritional courses are bonuses but they are not essential. The dietflex program is designed by experts so that it can be delivered by people who successfully complete the online dietflex coach training. There’s a screening process for every client to identify those few who should be referred to their doctor and/or an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. A notification letter is sent to every client’s doctor with the client’s permission. When doctors see their patients lose weight, improve their health, reduce symptoms and in many cases reduce or cease medications, they can be very encouraged to refer more patients to the fitness centre. Medical referrals are a great source of new memberships.

Now fitness centre and studio owners can permanently promote a weight loss (fat loss) program or a seasonal “12 Week Body Transformation” program to the local community and to their members and ex-members. It can also add valuable secondary revenue to the business.

Imagine having a large notice board in your centre showing the weekly results from those doing the dietflex program? This proof can increase membership conversions. The dietflex program can also dramatically reduce the number of people who drop out because they didn’t get the weight loss results they hoped for from their participation in exercise.

Helping members lose weight also boosts “word of mouth” member referrals. “Jane, you look great! How did you lose all that weight?”

Centres can also promote “pre-exercise” weight loss programs for those in the community who want to lose weight but whose weight reduce or stop their inclination to exercise. However, when they lose weight, they become more predisposed to exercise! Then it’s up to the centre and its team to convert them into lifelong members.

Who are the developers?

With many years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, these guys have learned a thing or two

Ellen and Jamie Hayes

Ellen and Jamie Hayes

Jamie and Ellen Hayes are regarded as pioneers of the Australian fitness industry, with Ellen becoming the first instructor in NSW to receive formal accreditation and Jamie receiving the first ever Australian National Fitness Leader of the Year award. Jamie later became a fitness educator, training instructors across Australia and Asia for The Australian Council...
Jill MacGregor

Jill MacGregor

Originally from New Zealand, Jill is a Sydney-based Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with 30+ years’ experience. She is a member of Dietitians Association Australia. Jill’s clients include community-based referrals from specialists and general practitioners and include numerous high profile individuals. Her clients range in age from 6 to 80 years. Jill is the published author...
Robyn Jordan

Robyn Jordan

National Training Manager
Robyn Jordan’s role is to empower the licensees with thorough training in the simple-to-follow weight loss program, coaching process and operations systems. Our goal is to set a high standard so that each dietflex coach feels confident in their ability to offer the program and help their clients lose weight. We assume no prior knowledge...

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Step-by-step guide to dietflex coaching success

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See what some of our current coaches have to say

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