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Bronnie’s exercise

It’s widely accepted that exercise is essential for fitness, health and weight control, and all guidelines for weight loss include exercise as part of their ‘prescription’. But what do we recommend for those who can’t exercise? With a start weight of 172.5kg and numerous injuries, Bronnie was one of those who couldn’t exercise in any […]

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Introducing Bronnie

We’re inspired! It’s funny about inspiration – it sometimes comes from the unlikeliest of places. Seven weeks ago Bronnie arrived for her first appointment. Her husband Drew had heard of dietflex and encouraged her to give it a go. Before going any further, a bit of Bronnie’s background might be helpful. She has been overweight […]

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Losing weight without losing health

We all have to be careful and skeptical about what we read in the media. The media have a vested interest to hook you in. They understand that “Bad news sells”. You’ll never see a headline like “New XYZ Diet Actually Works AND Makes You Healthier”. You’re more likely to see something like: Carb cutting a […]

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Is your “healthy” diet making you FAT?

We often hear the terms “fatty foods” and “fattening” and these generally refer to deep fried fast foods and pizzas. Actually these foods are high-calorie combinations of protein, carbohydrate and fats. They’re typically made worse by being deep-fried in oil. This post does not address oil quality. So how could the foods in this picture […]

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Will the New Australian Dietary Guidelines Stop You Losing Weight?

We accept that it would be politically incorrect for the new 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines to tag themselves with any descriptive names like: low fat, low GI, low carb, high protein etc. Of course, the guidelines promote ‘energy balance’ and the simplistic message that weight control is all about kilojoules (calories) in versus kilojoules (calories) […]

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Australian Dietary Guidelines 2013 – What they mean for your weight loss efforts

After years of deliberations, the 2003 guidelines have been updated, telling all Australians what the government thinks we should be eating. The task has been massive, especially sifting through the vast amount of input from various health bodies, consumer groups, food growers, manufacturers and retailers, as well as restaurants and fast food outlets. We’ve looked […]

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Interview discusses dietflex

Want to hear more about dietflex? Sarah Maxwell interviews dietflex director Jamie Hayes and national training manager Robyn Jordan. dietflex-from-a-client’s-perspective Sarah aims to ask all the questions you may like to ask about dietflex and even some that you might not have thought of asking. What questions would you like answered? Ask them in the […]

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Can You Lose Weight Alone?

We all know what we ‘should’ be doing… right? Eating less and exercising more. And so it’s just down to doing it! Making a start. Really sticking to it this time. Well these beliefs and thoughts may actually be getting in your way of getting you taking the right steps to achieving an optimal weight […]

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Which Diet Best for Keeping Weight Off

Researchers in the USA have done some very valuable research to answer the question “What diet is best to keep my weight off?” The study involved a group of people who were put on the same well-controlled diet to lose about 12% of their starting weight. Then the participants were divided into three groups: Low […]

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