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Bronnie’s adding carbs

CarbsMost people who are overweight are capable of losing weight by finding the diet that works for their body, but despite popular belief there is no diet that will work for every body. It’s necessary to find a process that allows you to lose weight while discovering exactly what your body can tolerate.

Bronnie has been gradually increasing her carbohydrate intake over the past 12 weeks. After starting low, she’s been assessing the impact of small carbohydrate increases on her weight and her overall sense of well-being. She’s finding that it might not be as clear-cut as she’d like.

We all have our own level of carbohydrate tolerance, but until we follow a process like Bronnie is doing, we usually have no idea of the level. Some may be able to eat toast and sandwiches and pasta every day while others say that if they even look at these types of foods they gain weight.

Bronnie has reached the stage of her program where she can introduce some of the highest carbohydrate fruits, vegetables and grain-based foods. She’s doing it carefully, not always eating a full serving of these foods and some days not adding them in at all. The opportunity to add them seems to be a bigger motivator than the addition itself.

Over time, Bronnie had maintained a small focus on some of the foods she was not able to eat and knew the time was nearing where she’d be able to reintroduce them. Even this small focus was enough for her to feel a bit deprived, as though she was missing out. As she’s introduced the foods, her weight loss has been less consistent. Whether it’s is a response to these foods or if something else is happening is something she doesn’t yet know.

Just because the weight on the scales moves – in any direction – the cause is not always what you ate the day before. It might be, but it might not be.

It’s important for Bronnie to avoid jumping to conclusions regarding her weight. Adding some pasta to a meal might cause a change in her weight, but so might many other factors that occur at the same time. How well has she been sleeping? Have her toilet habits been regular? Is she drinking enough water? Are her stress levels high? Is she experiencing a lot of pain from old injuries?

Knee jerk reactions to results on the scales are counter-productive in anyone’s weight loss journey. Patience and a willingness to engage in a bit of trial and error with introducing foods will help Bronnie to determine the amount of daily carbohydrate which will best suit her body, in the short term and so she enjoys weight control for life.