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Bronnie’s plateau

Bronnie's weight_1It’s been a while since we checked in on Bronnie’s progress, but rest assured she has been progressing! Not only is she walking further and faster, she’s feeling stronger in her ability to move around and is taking great encouragement from these improvements.

She’s also lost 15.2 kilos, and is noticing the difference especially on her tummy.

Despite these successes, losing weight is not always a bed of roses. The word ‘plateau’ can be one of the worst during anyone’s weight loss journey. Bronnie found that in weeks 10 and 11 her weight mysteriously went up, with no apparent cause. Perhaps she ate something slightly different which caused her body to respond in this way, perhaps she drank less water as the weather got cooler, perhaps her toileting habits were different, perhaps…

A plateau can be caused by any of a number of different things, and while it’s important to try to pinpoint the cause this is not always possible. We can be left with a lot of conjecture and some disappointment.
Accepting that plateaus are, for most people, a very normal part of the weight loss journey can make dealing with them more bearable. The body needs to adjust to a new weight, and part of this seems to involve not losing for a few weeks. Think of it like the landings in multiple flights of stairs: walking down each flight is like steady weight loss and the landing is like the plateau. The difference is that with the stairs you can always see the end of each landing.

It’s important when a plateau occurs to stick to your eating plan and don’t just give up. Usually a plateau resolves within two weeks (and yes, it can seem like a very long two weeks!) but in the overall scheme of your weight loss journey it is not a long time. The body may be making adjustments, and while this is happening you can take the chance to let your mind make some adjustments, too.

Think about the successes you’ve achieved so far. Think about your overall sense of well-being: do you feel better than you used to? Do you have less pain than before? Are you moving more easily? Less headaches, reflux, bloating, cravings, hunger, waist measurement or blood pressure? More energy, enthusiasm, concentration or mental clarity?

Changing your focus for a few weeks from what is not happening to what has already happened can help reduce the stress or anxiety you may feel about your weight stalling. Ultimately your weight will start moving again and you’ll be back on track to reaching your weight goals.