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Bronnie’s Success

10How we’ve been waiting for this moment!

Over the past three weeks, Bronnie’s weight was in another plateau. The variation of about 300g was nothing to be either concerned or pleased about: over time, it’s starting to look as though Bronnie has some great losses and then settles into a plateau of stabilising her new weight, then has another dramatic loss. Time will tell how normal this is for her.

During this plateau, a few areas were identified where changes could be made to break through and Bronnie gave some thought to what she’d like to do. In the past week, she made the decision to cut out her ‘default’ soup – a soup made with ham hock and low-carb vegies –which she was eating a lot as it seemed perfect for the colder winter weather. She reduced the number of times in the week she was eating cheese, and also ate no pasta.

Whether it was these three changes or whether her plateau was ready to break we don’t know for sure, but Bronnie has achieved her first goal of losing 10% of her starting weight. She has now lost 17.9 kg in 18 weeks – a fabulous achievement and a testament to her willingness to persist despite the disappointment of plateaus.

The last time she was this weight was when she had her second lap band removed. Bronnie is so very excited about her success, and reiterated that over the years she has tried all sorts of diets and programs (Jenny Craig, Gloria Marshall, Weight Watchers five times) as well as the lap bands, and she feels that nothing has worked as well for her as what she is doing now.

Apart from what the scales tell us, some of Bronnie’s physical successes are that she is able to stand for longer periods, walk further and move with less discomfort. She is able to stand up out of her lounge chair without using a rocking motion to gain momentum or using her arms to help. This is due in large part to the reduction of the size of her tummy.

Bronnie says that before she started losing weight, she was inclined to sit at home as the effort of going out was too great. She now has increased energy levels so is more inclined to go out and enjoy herself.

Previous injuries from a car accident and inflammation from her lap band surgeries meant constant pain and high-dose pain killers. She has reduced the pain medication from every six hours to now going up to 10 hours before even thinking about it.

These sorts of lifestyle benefits are often not what people think about when embarking on their weight loss journey. In many ways these are so much more important than the weight itself.

The next step for Bronnie? Bring on the next goal – to lose 10% of her current weight, or15.5 kg.