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Bronnie’s support network

Support imageMany of us think about making a major change in our lives and start with fabulous intentions. All too often, though, the good intentions fade or the change becomes too hard to sustain or we feel like we’re the only one in the whole world going through this problem.

Great intentions only get us so far – some further than others – and then we start hearing ourselves justifying our reduced motivation, sayings things such as “Life gets in the way”.

The key to success is to ensure that you are surrounded by an effective support network.

Bronnie has surrounded herself with some amazing support. Part of this has come about through her willingness to get professional support through dietflex, part is her good management (not luck!) at having an amazingly supportive husband, and part is a circle of friends who want the best for her.

Professional support is making a big difference for Bronnie. The only relationship she has with her coach is that of coach and client, so there are no ‘hidden agendas’, no past histories, no white lies to spare each other’s feelings.  They’re in the journey together.

The monitoring and accountability provided by the coach helps Bronnie to find areas where improvements can be made to her choices. More importantly her coach has experience dealing with people losing weight where family and friends may not have this experience. A strong understanding of the numerous factors to consider when losing weight is something that only a professional coach can offer.

No matter how effective and experienced a professional coach is, they are able to spend only a short period of time each week with the client. Bronnie’s husband, Drew, is present for far longer and has a passion for healthy eating. He is constantly researching and reading new information to improve his knowledge of the health outcomes of nutritional choices. This passion applies not only for his choices but for Bronnie’s, too. The benefit is that Drew and Bronnie both eat the same foods and he understands exactly what she should be doing. His support of her during the normal ups and downs of making change is unswerving.

Many people find that doing the right things when at home or in their normal routine is easy, but when there is a change to routine or when out it can be more difficult. Bronnie has very wisely enlisted the support of her girlfriends, both near and far. Bronnie’s friends who live far away are just a phone call away, but there are others she sees on a regular basis. She meets with friends three times each week for coffee, and with their encouragement and support has changed her orders. No more cake and syrup-laden flavoured coffee for Bronnie; with the help of her friends she’s made changes to avoid sabotaging her weight loss.

Bronnie’s advice is good: If your family and friends don’t know what you’re doing and why, they can’t help. Tell them about it, be open and honest, and ask for their help.

  • Jean. says:

    Well done Bronnie, you are an inspiration to all of us who have KGS to lose.
    I look forward to reading more about your journey. Good luck,

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