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Bronnie’s plateau

It’s been a while since we checked in on Bronnie’s progress, but rest assured she has been progressing! Not only is she walking further and faster, she’s feeling stronger in her ability to move around and is taking great encouragement from these improvements. She’s also lost 15.2 kilos, and is noticing the difference especially on […]

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So often we hear well-meaning people, even health professionals, say that all foods are OK “in moderation”. But what does this mean, and how useful is it? What might be moderate for one person may be just a teasing temptation for another. A single square of chocolate might be moderate for one, but an entire […]

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Bronnie and cravings

So many people are familiar with cravings that it seems to be an ordinary part of life. Going on a ‘diet’ only seems to makes cravings intensify, but are the cravings physical or emotional? Bronnie has been fighting cravings for a few weeks now. Staying strong, she resisted and rightly felt proud of that achievement, […]

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Bronnie’s support network

Many of us think about making a major change in our lives and start with fabulous intentions. All too often, though, the good intentions fade or the change becomes too hard to sustain or we feel like we’re the only one in the whole world going through this problem. Great intentions only get us so […]

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Bronnie’s exercise

It’s widely accepted that exercise is essential for fitness, health and weight control, and all guidelines for weight loss include exercise as part of their ‘prescription’. But what do we recommend for those who can’t exercise? With a start weight of 172.5kg and numerous injuries, Bronnie was one of those who couldn’t exercise in any […]

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Introducing Bronnie

We’re inspired! It’s funny about inspiration – it sometimes comes from the unlikeliest of places. Seven weeks ago Bronnie arrived for her first appointment. Her husband Drew had heard of dietflex and encouraged her to give it a go. Before going any further, a bit of Bronnie’s background might be helpful. She has been overweight […]

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Losing weight without losing health

We all have to be careful and skeptical about what we read in the media. The media have a vested interest to hook you in. They understand that “Bad news sells”. You’ll never see a headline like “New XYZ Diet Actually Works AND Makes You Healthier”. You’re more likely to see something like: Carb cutting a […]

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Interview discusses dietflex

Want to hear more about dietflex? Sarah Maxwell interviews dietflex director Jamie Hayes and national training manager Robyn Jordan. dietflex-from-a-client’s-perspective Sarah aims to ask all the questions you may like to ask about dietflex and even some that you might not have thought of asking. What questions would you like answered? Ask them in the […]

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