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Spring’s here – are you panicking?

Most of us have spent enough years on Earth to know that spring always follows winter, so what is it about winter that makes people let down their defences and sabotage their health and wellness goals? Sure, it’s cold (and wet and windy). It’s dark in the morning and the evening starts sooner. The fireplace […]

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The 15 minute weight loss solution


15 minute weight loss sounds too good to be true, right? Of course, it is and you can’t just spend 15 minutes once a week and otherwise forget about it. You need to look at the best way to spend 15 minutes a week to maximise your weight loss results. The ability to lose weight […]

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Motivation and Support

An interesting conversation was overheard recently. A highly motivated woman, in training for a major competition, was talking about how her motivation had slipped. If it can happen to someone with such a strong and defined goal, then it can obviously happen to rest of us. The woman decided to enter her competition over a […]

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Treats and temptations

With just one week until Christmas, most of us are frantically finishing the work year, braving the shopping centre, surviving on too little sleep, and over-indulging at any number of social functions. Coping with the treats and temptations of the season can be hard, but you’re not doomed to fail. With time being so over-committed, […]

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The power of choice

I had an interesting chat last week with a woman on her weight loss journey. Her history is one of many tried and failed weight loss attempts over the past 20 years, with the result that she’s gained about 25kg since her mid-30s. That’s about 1kg per year. For most of us, if we gain […]

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Should you tell your friends?

If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably fall into one of three categories: You tell everyone, you tell only your close friends and family, or you tell no one. Those who tell everyone are quite open about their actions, willing to listen to advice (and criticism), and generally not fearful about the result. The […]

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Interview discusses dietflex

Want to hear more about dietflex? Sarah Maxwell interviews dietflex director Jamie Hayes and national training manager Robyn Jordan. dietflex-from-a-client’s-perspective Sarah aims to ask all the questions you may like to ask about dietflex and even some that you might not have thought of asking. What questions would you like answered? Ask them in the […]

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Can You Lose Weight Alone?

We all know what we ‘should’ be doing… right? Eating less and exercising more. And so it’s just down to doing it! Making a start. Really sticking to it this time. Well these beliefs and thoughts may actually be getting in your way of getting you taking the right steps to achieving an optimal weight […]

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Which Diet Best for Keeping Weight Off

Researchers in the USA have done some very valuable research to answer the question “What diet is best to keep my weight off?” The study involved a group of people who were put on the same well-controlled diet to lose about 12% of their starting weight. Then the participants were divided into three groups: Low […]

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