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14 Reasons to Stop Counting Calories

Our mothers did it, and likely we all did it. Just about every woman carrying even a small amount of extra weight has done it. Count calories. It’s a monumental waste of effort and opportunity. At dietflex, we focus on food, not calories. Let us explain why. Counting calories started with the simple premise that […]

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What happened to our weight – and what to do about it

If you’re over the age of 50 and think back to your primary school days, you’ll be hard-pressed to remember a child who was overweight. Move forward a few years: was high school any different? Chances are that overweight barely existed in that generation and all that came before. In the 1960s and 1970s, it […]

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5 tips to make regular exercise easier

Looking at Halle Berry’s 10-minute lunchtime workout got me thinking: if it only takes 10 minutes to look as gorgeous as Ms Berry, why don’t we all take the time? Answer: It’s hard. Achieving results is not easy. Doing one session is easy enough, but turning up regularly and putting in the effort needed? That’s […]

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Exercise: what it can and what it won’t do

The prevalence of sedentary behaviour in women increases as they age, with over one third of all women engaging in no exercise1. Add to that the levels of low exercise that also increase with age, and we have more than two-thirds of all women failing to engage in adequate weekly exercise. Is it a coincidence […]

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Are you self-conscious about exercise?

It’s amazing the number of people who avoid exercise because of being self-conscious. It might be their weight, their lack of fitness, or distant memories from school physical education classes that prevents them from starting to move their bodies more. I read a very sad account by a woman who joined an American gym, only […]

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What’s the best exercise to lose weight?

[cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_image align=”left” caption=”What′s the best exercise for weight loss?” link=”https://dietflex.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Ab-Image-Square-e1509081607633.jpg” animation_delay=”0″]2699|http://dietflex.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Ab-Image-Square-300×300.jpg|medium[/cmsms_image][cmsms_text] I wish I had a dollar for every member who asked “What’s the best exercise to get rid of this?” or “What’s the best exercise to tone up this area?” Then they point to, or pat a part of their body, and the […]

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Sleep and exercise tips

Sleep and exercise tips Here’s the third in our series on low-carb tips. What’s sleep go to do with low-carb tips? A lot, it turns out. Poor sleep has negative consequences for the hormones that control hunger, appetite and weight: Increases ghrelin, the hunger hormone – you eat more Decreases leptin, the satiety hormone – […]

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Ageing – genes or lifestyle?

We’re all ageing and there’s nothing we can do about that, but our day-to-day choices can influence how we age. Think about a time where a person’s age has genuinely surprised you. This can go both ways: the 50-year old who looks more like 35, or the 60-year old who you would have sworn was at […]

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Getting older or ageing?

The inevitability of getting older does not have to be an acceptance of negative effects of ageing. Following a healthy eating pattern is an obvious first step in looking after your health, but it’s not uncommon to hear people say things like “I hate exercise”. What they mean is that their past experiences of exercise have […]

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Are you a first time exerciser?

I’ve just read what is quite possibly one of the best articles ever about first time exercise. It hits the nail on the head for how many people feel: the fear, the trepidation, the bad memories, the lack of confidence, the poor coordination, low strength and a host of other factors that made exercise too hard. I encourage everyone – […]

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