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Choose Better, Be Better, and Take Action to Do Better

Better. Sounds easy, and it can be with the right strategy. Guest blogger Lisa Marchesi is an expert in weight loss, fitness and helping people change their mindset. Over to you, Lisa: Our habits shape our life! The key to successfully changing your daily habits to healthier ones is to substitute alternative behaviours that also […]

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Positive body image

If a friend had to describe you for an artist to draw your resemblance, would the artist create a good image of you? Would it be the same image as if the artist could read your mind? The negative body image many of us have are not consistent with the way others see us, so […]

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Which Diet Best for Keeping Weight Off

Researchers in the USA have done some very valuable research to answer the question “What diet is best to keep my weight off?” The study involved a group of people who were put on the same well-controlled diet to lose about 12% of their starting weight. Then the participants were divided into three groups: Low […]

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