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Holiday Weight Maintenance Tip

Time Restricted Feeding

Are you worried or stressed about possible weight gain over the festive period? Maybe you’re not worried, but just want to indulge yourself and hope that your waistline does not suffer – too much! Although we hope that you’ll look for every opportunity to be physically active, it takes a lot of exercise to compensate […]

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How to avoid weight loss (diet) discouragement

diet discouragement

Have you ever started a diet or weight loss plan only to become completely discouraged? You might have been discouraged with lack of results, or discouraged by your own efforts. But maybe it was not your fault. To make matters worse, when you became discouraged, you self-medicated with feel-good starchy, sugary foods or alcohol, or […]

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Do you use this little weight loss secret?

One of the guiding philosophies at dietflex is “One diet does not suit every body.” Studies have shown that you can give two people the exact same diet under controlled laboratory conditions (no cheating) and you get different responses in weight, as well as blood sugar. And… it’s not just the individual responses to the whole […]

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Is your health “too hard”?

Every time we see a summary of the pros and cons of low-carb eating patterns, journalists discuss how effective it is for weight loss and health improvement. Despite this, they advise against going low-carb. The reason why? “It’s too hard to stick to.” This is a most bizarre conclusion. What they’re saying, effectively, is that […]

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Fat Loss-Fast Gain – not so quick

There’s a common belief that if you lose weight quickly, you’ll regain it quickly. There’s definitely some truth to this idea, but not for the reasons you might think. To lose weight, people tend to typically try to eat less and to exercise more. Perhaps they count calories and track their exercise output. They’re hungry, […]

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Creating Healthy Habits

Losing weight involves making change to habits. Change involves pain, yet so does staying the same. If you’re not happy with your weight, which pain will you choose? Creating change to enable weight loss involves identifying the habits that have contributed to your current weight. It might be that at 10.30am every day, you do […]

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Dietitian v’s dietflex coach – the difference

“A dietitian is a person with a qualification in nutrition and dietetics recognised by national authority [s]. The dietitian applies the science of nutrition to the feeding and education of groups of people and individuals in health and disease.” (Source) The differentiation between nutrition and dietetics is not universal. In Australia all dietitians are nutritionists, […]

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What’s Happening With Your Blood Sugar?

We all eat. Some of us eat whatever is available, some follow the patterns of our childhood, while others turn it into a more scientific practice. Whatever the strategies that influence your food choices, it’s worth questioning whether they’re doing the best job for stable blood sugar levels. Think about these questions: Do you crave […]

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The Keto Diet

The Keto Diet is gaining interest from those fed up with trying to lose weight. It all sounds promising, but it is all it’s cracked up to be?  Firstly, what is The Keto Diet? Also known as very-low-carb, low-carb / high-fat, ketogenic etc, it involves eating sufficient protein and fat to avoid hunger, whilst avoiding […]

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When protein balls are not protein balls

I was talking with my sister a few weeks ago, and she mentioned that she had made some protein balls. Great, I thought, that’s an excellent snack and so much better for the kids than a bag of chips. As we talked, it became obvious that what she had made were carb balls, not protein […]

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