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Could you drop a dress or belt size in 6 weeks?

There’s a popular idea that fast weight loss leads to fast regain, so why would you want quick results that promise you can drop a dress or belt size in 6 weeks?

Here’s the reality: fast weight loss is often achieved through variations on a “starvation” diet. You know the ones: eat lettuce for a week, replace meals with low-calorie shakes, detox with lemon drinks… They all work. Temporarily. They also make you so hungry and deprived that once the diet is done (if you can even stick with it), you over-feed and regain what was lost, and more.

This is where the idea of fast weight loss resulting in fast weight gain originated.

But what happens when weight loss happens quickly by using a nutritionally sound eating plan that can continue beyond the initial quick weight loss?

Hello new clothing size!

Imagine eating a full meal three times each day while losing weight. What about having between-meal snacks built in to your program? How about losing weight and never feeling hungry?

We’ve had thousands of people do exactly that, and then keep the weight off for the long-term.

Helen N is one of these:

I have tried so many diets and been to gyms, and nothing worked. As much as I love clothes, I hated shopping for clothes as nothing ever fitted the way I wanted, and I only ever wore black.

I quickly lost 3 kilos and felt so good, thinking maybe another 2 was possible, and then before I knew it 11.6 kilos had gone and I was a size 10!!!”

I find it hard to believe that 7 years on I have kept the weight off and live a healthy lifestyle, not fluctuating from diet to diet – this was unheard of before.”

dietflex offers the unique combination of a nutritional eating plan that helps you determine the foods and amounts that work best for your body, and one-on-one support that’s targeted to your needs and helps you stay on track. Most people find that a clothing size is between 4 and 6 kilos: this can happen in just a few weeks, or it may take a bit longer. Like anything worthwhile, though, once achieved the time it took is forgotten.

We want to help more people discover the benefits – and excitement – when they drop a dress or belt size.