How To Add Extra Income To Your Business With a Service That Attracts Clients You've Been Missing Out On

Do you or a team member have a few hours a week you could schedule for high value one-on-one coaching?

Do you have team members who would value extra work?

  • Has your business suffered a drop in direct debit income? If not, do you want to grow it anyway?
  • Are you open to a way of attracting additional full-paying members?
  • Is your purpose to help people improve their health and fitness? Then read how there are new ways to achieve this purpose.

Hi, I'm Jamie Hayes.

My passion is to help health and fitness operators grow their businesses by helping them attract more people who want to achieve their health, weight and fitness goals.

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If you had a new source of extra enquiries each week and about 50% said that they'd be happy to sign up right now, on the basis that they could do the program and have a 15 min weekly online coaching session with you or one of your team, would you say YES?

Many fitness clubs and professionals use an enquiry process where they ask the potential member or client about their goals. Sometimes this is verbal, sometimes it is with a paper form at reception (an Exercise History) and sometimes it is an online form, or one they complete on a tablet. New gym members or clients typically fall into two goal categories:

  1. There are those who just want access to a facility and classes. They tend to be more price sensitive.
  2. There are others who want to achieve a specific result.  They are less price sensitive. Can you guess the most common goal mentioned by this second group? (Hint: weight loss)

If you can demonstrate a way to help them achieve a desired weight loss result in a time-efficient way, you provide the primary reason for them signing up with you. 

This is a massive opportunity. It's an under-served market segment in every area.

The key to survival in these times is to have a business offering that is not reliant on people needing to or being able to access your facility.

Did you know that in 2019, before the virus hit (in March 2020) you had online competitors?

You may not have realised it, as they did not have physical premises... but locals in your area were signing up then, and are still signing up now. It's like an invisible market.

And so the lesson is that there are probably two markets:

  1. Those who want access to facilities and/or classes
  2. Others who want programming and support to achieve a specific result (this market is under-served) and may not want to come to your facility

There Are Plenty of People Who Want To Invest In Their Health

Did you know that the hardware and home improvements industries are doing record business? 

Did you know that electronics stores are doing huge business?

Did you know that home exercise equipment sales are booming?

Did you know that more people are becoming more comfortable buying online?

Did you know that more and more products and services are being sold by direct debit subscription?

Here's a lesson one of our partners taught us!

Since 2002 we have operated women's weight loss and exercise centres in Australia and New Zealand. We've helped over 15,000 members lose over 150,000 kilos!

These are facilities-based businesses delivering exercise and a weight loss coaching program.

Then, one of our partners asked "Would it be OK if I opened a coaching-only business in the nearby town, 30 minutes drive away? I want to see if people would sign up on a 12 months direct debit agreement, at the same rate as my centre members, but just be coached in the program, with no exercise at all." We said "Sure and let's call this your satellite operation".

What surprised us was that she quickly filled up one day a week with back-to-back clients (members). Each member is allocated the same 15 minute coaching time every week so each team member can service four members per hour. The longest member has stayed on direct debit for 6 years. Her rationale was "If I stop coming every week, I know I'll fall off the wagon."

The operator organised a team member deliver the coaching sessions, seeing 4 members per hour and over 20 clients per day. (Some GPs see double that number of patients each day.)

Then We Went Online - Via Zoom

We figured, if people are happy to sign up for coaching only, in a satellite location, what if that coaching was delivered via Zoom? Would people still sign up at the same rate for a 12 month direct debit agreement? (For long term weight loss maintenance, long term coaching is best.) The answer was yes!

This was the start of a scalable online business that you can add to your existing face-to-face business. We give you the systems and teach you how to do this in 3 steps?

Step 1

Using paid traffic ads on Facebook and Instagram to attract potential members.

Step 2

Using a non-salesy Zoom-based membership process that starts by reviewing their weight loss history and goals.

Step 3

Using Zoom or face-to-face to guide clients through the system and hold them accountable.

It's a Simple 3-Step Way to Get Extra Direct Debit Members

  • Step 1 - Marketing with Paid Traffic - Instead of waiting for walk-ins and info calls, or for members to tell their friends or share your social media posts, we've developed a systemised approach using 'paid traffic' to get affordable, quality enquiries, straight away. Once you realise that a few years ago, Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook) changed from letting businesses promote for free, to getting businesses to 'pay to play', you can win by playing their game. We provide everything you need to make this happen and coach you how to set up your low cost paid traffic campaigns. Plus, there's some zero-cost marketing things you can be doing as well.
  • Step 2 - Membership Process - Learning to sign on clients in person or via Zoom is easier than you think, once you have a step-by-step system and the right sales tools.  More and more people are comfortable buying online goods and services. 
  • Step 3 - Coaching System - The secret is to have a step-by-step coaching system that simply guides the member through the system to help them achieve and maintain their results. This can be delivered in-person or via Zoom. It does not require nutrition qualifications, but the willingness to learn the program so you can guide clients in the program. We train you and your team.

But Here's The Biggest Reason That Many Fitness Operators Felt They Could Not Serve This Market

They had a belief system that prevented them going after this market. They believed that in order to help someone change their diet, that the operator or their staff would have to have nutrition qualifications. That would be the case if the staff were designing the eating plans for each client, but we do all that so the coach simply guides them through the program and holds them accountable. The coach only needs some basic training (delivered online at fast pace) to coach people in the system.

But Can The Business Make Real Money?

Weight loss memberships typically range from $30 to $45 per week (depending on coach seniority) by direct debit, paid to the business. The coach is scheduled for up to 4 members each hour of their shift - even if they work from home. If you do your own sums, this means that the business can generate a great gross revenue per hour per coach and it can provide a great income for the coach.

Although you set your own fees, we suggest at least $99 up front and $30 pw with a minimum term of 12 months. Weight Loss Members need ongoing support. This means that each new 'weight loss' membership has a minimum projected gross value of $1,656. We always aim to have your marketing cost less than the $99 paid up front, so that all new members are self-funding. This can pay your ad costs.

Just 36 'weight loss coaching' members can add over $50,000 in extra direct debit revenue. The members do not need to live anywhere near the centre. They may even be interstate!

The table below is an example of the potential. Results will vary depending on how well you follow the systems and manage your business.


More Details About


Why is it called dietflex? Our brand story is simple. Because one diet does not suit everybody, each member needs a FLEXIBLE approach to DIET to develop the diet that works for their body.

Is it 100% digital? Actually no! It's hybrid. Every new member receives an educational pack. Zoom coaching clients get a pack in the mail. This is a proven system to take them through the step-by-step journey.

Does dietflex require special supplements? No! The system teaches them how to adapt the diet that suits their body (and family) based upon fresh whole foods they can purchase from any supermarket. But many members will also purchase branded protein powder for between-meal snacks to help with satiety and convenience.

How long does the coach training take? Although the online training is self-paced, most coaches can complete this within 2 weeks. There's a complete suite of printed and digital member education materials.

  1. 1
    The new member pack: Each member receives their new member pack in the mail. This makes the 'intangible' tangible.
  2. 2
    Coach handouts: It's important that the coach can give (or email) them new materials every week.
  3. 3
    Support: when you're adding a new stream of income to your business you and your team need support: marketing, sales, technical and financial.

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

“dietflex helps us grow our membership.”

"The most common goal of new members and PT clients is WEIGHT LOSS.  We used to sign them up despite knowing that exercise won’t be nearly as effective without an equally effective personalised dietary change program. We did not want to leave that to chance.

For every one person joining a gym wanting to lose weight there are many more who want to lose weight and don't even consider a fitness centre. We wanted a program to attract them, too.

I’m glad we discovered dietflex. We’re attracting and keeping more members and PT clients as a result. Their results have been spectacular."

Tony Brunton
Owner: First Place Fitness, Waikato, New Zealand

“Our members get amazing results"

“What I like about the business is when the members follow the program with the support of the fully-trained staff, they get amazing results. This, in turn, drives member referrals, one of the best low cost sources for new members.

A week won’t go past when I’m not stopped in the street by a member who has not just got results but who has turned their whole life around and are now helping their family members lose weight.

The strategies and systems that head office provides are awesome; they provide simple tools which when broken down to monthly and daily action plans make the centre successful.

We use the dietflex sister brand called Healthy Inspirations which is women only where dietflex is women and men.

During the lockdown we've replaced lost members with remote Zoom members which has added over $100,000 to our annual direct debit.”

Gavin Marshall
Owner: Jenkins Gym

Thanks, Jamie and team, for the outstanding program.

We're looking after our new members' fitness needs while the program looks after their weight loss needs. It's a win:win.

Since 2005 my team and I have helped over 1,300 members lose over 18,000 kilos with a program that helps people discover their body's individual carbohydrate tolerance and what that represents in foods they and their families like. 

This has enabled them to hit their weight loss goals without hunger.

David Jordan
General manager - YMCA Jamboree Heights Qld

What does dietflex cost?

It's a low cost way to grow your direct debit. 

There's a $495 one-time Training and Set Up fee for the business owner and up to two coaches. Then there's a weekly fee of just $25 per week after 2 weeks training. No lock-in.

This includes the entire marketing and sales funnel with your own dedicated landing page for enquiry capture.

You get immediate access to our online training portals that teach you and your team the marketing system, the sales system and the coaching system.

You also get access to the wholesale shop for all printed client materials and optional branded protein products.

As an additional bonus you'll get:

  • Private Zoom coaching sessions for you and your team
  • One-on-one Facebook ad management coaching to set up your paid traffic campaigns

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Messages from the dietflex support team

“Protein products help the client and your business."

“We are dedicated to helping members and clients lose weight without hunger. At the beginning of their weight loss journey, we've found that prioritising protein in all their meals and snacks helps them maintain satiety. After all, hunger is the enemy of successful and lasting weight loss.

We have some partners achieving product sales in excess of $2,000 per week despite that the protein products are completely optional. We've gone out of our way to ensure that our protein products are exclusive and not available elsewhere. This protects our partner's business margins."

Ellen Hayes
Director, Manager of Product and Printing Supply

“We make it easier for you to get qualified leads."

“Business owners are just too busy today to do their own marketing creative and so we offer a complete done-for-you service. This starts with creative (images and video) for Facebook ads and we match that with compelling landing pages so that our partners enjoy good optin rates. It's all about getting quality leads at an affordable cost"

Susie Frilicci
Graphic Designer and Webmaster
Jamie Hayes

Creator of dietflex

About the Creator

My team and I have been refining weight loss and weight loss coaching since 2002. Our approach is nothing like mainstream weight loss programs.

Not only do we create great weight loss results for clients and members, we work with our partner operators to grow their businesses.

Brief bio: Jamie has been a fitness professional since 1981, has owned and operated 9 fitness centres, was awarded the Australian National Fitness Leader of the Year, multi-presentedr at Filex Fitness Industry Conference, Co-Founder Low Carb Down Under, Founder of Healthy Inspirations Australia and Dietflex.

Read this if you are not sure if the dietflex coaching program will help you achieve your business goals.

If you're in the fitness industry the biggest roadblock is actually a mindset - you see yourself as the provider of fitness facilities, classes and programs. You just don't see yourself as a weight loss provider. We understand the sentiment and here's our take.

Most people who are carrying extra weight believe that EXERCISE LEADS TO WEIGHT LOSS. Unfortunately, the science does not support this. However we believe the reverse is true that WEIGHT LOSS LEADS TO EXERCISE.

One of the biggest reasons overweight people do not exercise is that it is hard, or they feel uncomfortable. What we have found is that a fitness provider who markets weight loss programming (with exercise being optional) in their local community will attract more members.

With dietflex, we don't just provide the program and all the materials, we provide the marketing and sales systems to help you recruit more members.

Fitness Professionals Aren't Allowed to Design Diets

This is the Code of Practice in Australia and other countries. With dietflex the coach does NOT design the eating plan. Our dietitian has done that. The role of the coach is simply to guide them through the evolving eating plan, hold them accountable and support them. 

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Here's a section that you can use for many purposes. For example, you can use it to showcase how your solution is better than other solutions out there. Or, compare the problems your reader is facing right now with the great solutions they'll enjoy once they purchase.

The Pros List

  • You will attract a brand new market segment.
  • It will boost your direct debit revenue, whether you are in lockdown now or not.
  • Weight loss clients are very open to investing in personal training as well.
  • You can start making extra sales within 2 weeks.
  • People who lose weight are great referrers.

The Cons List

  • You don't have time to learn new skills and don't have team members wanting to learn new skills and increase their incomes.
  • You'd rather do a 12 months nutrition course to design your own program.
  • After the 12 month course you'll do a marketing course to learn how to market weight loss memberships.
  • You've got your own philosophy on diets. Your diet works for you and should work for others.
  • How can you sell weight loss coaching when all people have to do is eat less and exercise more.

Here's What You Get

  • Immediate access to our online training portal with seperate courses on Weight Loss Marketing, Weight Loss Membership Sales & Dietflex Weight Loss Coaching 
  • Access for a second team member.
  • Zoom coaching for strategic help.
  • Access to wholesale shopping portal for printed client stationery.
  • Completely built sales funnel with customised landing and thank you page.
  • Regular marketing updates and screen help launching Facebook ads.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you follow our training, use our ad funnel and don't get a 100% return in gross sales on your dietflex subscription within 90 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in the weight loss business?

There are so many diets out there?

What about exercise?

What's so different about dietflex?

Why use paid ads versus organic social media that's free?

Are there any health issues?

P.S.: Of course you have the option to do nothing. But there's a guarantee in business, that if you do nothing you'll get nothing. We hope that you'll join our growing group of excited passionate business owners who are adapting to new circumstances and building their businesses.

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