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Dietitian v’s dietflex coach – the difference

“A dietitian is a person with a qualification in nutrition and dietetics recognised by national authority [s]. The dietitian applies the science of nutrition to the feeding and education of groups of people and individuals in health and disease.” (Source)

The differentiation between nutrition and dietetics is not universal. In Australia all dietitians are nutritionists, as all dietitians must have studied nutrition and nutrition science. The key difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist is that, in addition to or as part of their qualification in human nutrition, a dietitian has undertaken a course of study that included substantial theory and supervised and assessed professional practice in clinical nutrition, medical nutrition therapy and food service management.

They typically charge per session. Medicare covers up to 5 allied health sessions (from all and any allied health professionals) per year, if referred by a doctor. If you have an illness where a dietitian would be best to advise you, your doctor should refer you.

A dietflex coach is someone who is trained by dietflex to deliver the dietflex weight loss coaching program. If they are an accredited allied health professional, and you’re referred for weight loss, and if you have not used up any allied health sessions, you may get a rebate for your first 5 dietflex sessions. However the dietitian may charge a fee that’s higher than the rebate.

The dietitian is like a consultant who gives you specific, expert advice.

The dietflex coach does not give you specific advice. They coach you through a flexible expert program (dietflex) to ensure that you achieve healthy weight loss goals and develop the habits that leads to sustainable results.

The dietflex coaching process does start with an initial 45 to 60 minute screening and induction session. A report is sent to every dietflex client’s doctor, with the client’s permission. This gives the doctor the opportunity to modify their patients program as they see fit.

If you feel that you should see a dietitian you should ask your doctor or visit

If you’d like to talk to a dietflex coach you can find a local or online coach at