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 Hunger Free Weight Loss

 One-on-one Coaching

Hunger Free Weight Loss

 One-on-one Coaching

In Person or Online

Strengthen Immunity

 In Person or Online

 Strengthen Immunity

If you want to lose weight, the dietflex program and one-on-one coaching gives you EVERYTHING you need to predictably achieve your healthy weight goals, and strengthen your health. Coaching is delivered online or in-person.

If you're in a health and fitness business, the dietflex program can help you attract and serve new clients and members. It's the perfect addition to your existing services.

Tony Brunton
First Place Fitness
Waikato NZ

"The most common goal of new members and PT clients is WEIGHT LOSS.  We used to sign them up despite knowing that exercise won’t be nearly as effective without an equally effective personalised dietary change program. We did not want to leave that to chance.

For every one person joining a gym wanting to lose weight there are many more who want to lose weight and don't even consider a fitness centre. We wanted a program to attract them, too.

I’m glad we discovered dietflex. We’re attracting and keeping more members and PT clients as a result. Their results have been spectacular."

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What makes dietflex different?

Christine lost 8.4kg

Carolyn lost 3.3kg

Tracey lost 6.5kg

Ross lost 20kg

Gilliann lost 9.9kg

Tash lost 14kg

Dietflex - new approach to weight loss helps people lose weight without hunger.

We’ve all heard the advice “Weight loss is just about energy balance - eating less and moving more.” We say that this advice rarely works as it leads to hunger, which makes them abandon their plan. Dietflex is a smarter way to lose weight.

What’s the secret?

We know that most people who are carrying extra body fat do not actually have ready access to the energy stored in their body fat. If the hormone insulin is too high, it blocks fat release. In order to release fat for energy your clients need a way to normalise their insulin levels. The only way to do this is to eat less carbohydrate than their body’s individual tolerance. 

One diet does NOT suit everybody. It needs an individual approach. Once you can help your client discover their body’s individual carb tolerance, then, and only then does energy balance work. They naturally eat less. 

Dietflex helps their bodies get access to the energy stored in their body fat. This makes weight loss easier and more sustainable. With dietflex they get more energy for exercise. The goal is to help clients become exercisers for life.

The challenge for health and fitness business owners and professionals

How do you help each of your clients discover their body’s individual carb tolerance?  Also… what does their carb tolerance mean in foods that they like, so that the change is sustainable?

What's the solution?

Dietflex is the only program designed to help health and fitness professionals coach clients to discover their body’s individual carb tolerance and get predictable results.

While many programs simply give clients a handout and then leave them to implement the advice, dietflex helps with behaviour change. Personal trainers understand that change can be hard, and they would never say “You don’t need to come to our sessions – here’s an exercise handout for you to do by yourself.” Regular, on-going accountability and face-to-face support helps both personal training and dietflex clients to implement and maintain changes to their daily choices.

Finally with dietflex you do NOT have to have a nutrition degree or become a nutrition expert to coach your clients for weight loss. You need an expert system that delivers results. But you do need to become certified in the dietflex program, its systems and coaching process.

And if you do have specialist knowledge, skills and experience? Dietflex provides the marketing and systems to help you attract more clients and maximise your time, your expertise, and your income.


  • Do you believe there are people in your community who are trying or wanting to lose weight?
  • Do you believe that "one diet does NOT suit everybody"?
  • Are you interested in adding a comprehensive weight loss program to your services?

Then dietflex will work for you. Click the button below to get started.

3 steps to implementing dietflex in your business

Question? You can see the opportunity but simply don't have any team members to deliver coaching? Contact jamie@dietflex.com.au for an online solution.

1. WHAT 

There are people in every community who want to lose weight but have not aware that your business might be offering a cutting-edge weight loss solution. Are you keen to attract more members and clients? Once you have the program, we can provide the marketing to deliver enquiries and new members.

2. HOW

dietflex provides a scalable high-quality program that does not require you being, or employing a nutrition expert. The coach training is very time-efficient. It can be implemented very quickly.

3. WHO

It is suggested that you choose a key team member who is really interested in coaching people to achieve great results. dietflex includes training for a second coach at no extra cost so that your weight loss members and clients can be served if the primary coach is on holidays or leaves.

Who is on the support team behind dietflex?

Want to book a chat with Jamie to ask questions about dietflex? 

Click the button below.

Marketing: Susie Frillici is our in-house graphic designer and webmaster. Susie provides our free service to dietflex licensees to customise and localise our online, social and offline marketing resources.

Product supply: Ellen Hayes ensures that dietflex licensees have a secure supply of our exclusive products to support clients' weight loss journeys. 

Business coaching and training: Jamie Hayes works with licensees to ensure they successfully integrate dietflex into their marketing and operations. He also manages new licensee and coach training and oversees our e-learning platform for licensees and their staff. 

Consultant Dietitian: Jill MacGregor