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Introducing Bronnie

riceWe’re inspired! It’s funny about inspiration – it sometimes comes from the unlikeliest of places.

Seven weeks ago Bronnie arrived for her first appointment. Her husband Drew had heard of dietflex and encouraged her to give it a go. Before going any further, a bit of Bronnie’s background might be helpful.

She has been overweight since she was a small child, using food in a child’s attempt to draw attention away from her baby brother. Over the years she tried all sorts of diets, and over the years they all failed. In desperation, she turned to surgery and had a gastric band inserted. She lost some weight until a complication required the replacement of the band. This was not the success she was hoping for and any food she ate pooled above the band, causing vomiting. She was effectively starving herself and in great pain.

The band was removed 11 months ago and Bronnie still experiences pain at the site which, along with pain from injuries to her knee and shoulder sustained in a car accident, sees her taking Panadeine Forte every day. This is along with medications for blood pressure, reflux and a blood thinner.

With a starting weight of 172.5kg, Bronnie was not a huge eater, nor did she eat much ‘rubbish’. Something within her body means that she gains weight very easily and our job together has been to help her find the foods which she not only likes to eat, but also which allow her to use her stored body fat for energy.

It has been quite an emotional journey so far. One week she’s excited and enthusiastic and the next there are tears very near the surface and a sense of despair. Sometimes these emotions are all present at the same time: Bronnie usually doesn’t eat hot cross buns or Easter eggs, but this Easter she wasn’t game to leave the house due to the overwhelming temptations at the shopping centre. The end result was that she completely avoided temptation so felt proud of her resolve but at the same time felt deprived and somewhat ‘ripped off’, wondering if it is all worthwhile.

Mindset can be a huge influence on weight loss success. Focusing on what you can have rather than what you can’t is essential.  When Bronnie said she wouldn’t be eating bread or chocolate, she would replace them with prawns and duck. What a fabulous way to focus on what you can eat.

Everyone has an ‘angel’ and a ‘devil’ in their head. The angel wants you to do the right thing while the devil wants the opposite. Bronnie initially said her angel was hanging in there by a thread. Over the weeks, she’s been working to strengthen her angel and reduce the negative influence of the devil. Every so often, though, the devil has another attempt to break her down and, depending on how much physical pain she is experiencing at the time, it might be easier or harder to smack him back into place. The more pain, the harder she has to fight.

So far she’s lost 11.6kg. Compare that to a 10kg bag of rice and you get an idea of how much that looks like. Bronnie’s winning the fight!

Next week we’ll look at the start to Bronnie’s inspiring journey into the world of exercise.

  • Janet says:

    Well done Bronnie. Thanks for letting me know about this site, and keep on losing that weight, I’m impressed — like I said at Gloria Jeans today.

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