The dietflex license

The dietflex program is available as a licensed program in Australia and New Zealand. The license includes coach training, access to the dietflex weight loss program, operational systems, email and phone support, marketing materials and ability to purchase the exclusive protein snack products at wholesale.

Licensees can choose their own hours. Many will use dietflex to add to their existing business (fitness, health etc…).  Many fitness professionals and health club operators note that ‘weight loss’ is the most common reason for new members starting a fitness program. Allied health professional can use dietflex to get more done with their limited time with patients.

The license fee has two parts:

  • Initial license fee – to cover training and set up – $495.  The extensive self-paced online training typically takes a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • Weekly license fee – to cover the access to the program, support, all materials – $25.00 per week by direct debit.

The license has a minimum term of 12 months and renews automatically on a fortnightly basis thereafter.

Once you register, we’ll give you access to the dietflex online training program. Please allow one business day to receive your email confirmation. You will also get access details to the licensee online wholesale shop for consumable products (protein bars and shakes), as well as dietflex booklets and planners.

The weekly license fee direct debit does not commence until two weeks after registration.

The licence is non-exclusive and given to one coach in one location. Some locations are not available.

The license fee can be paid by the business or the coach.

There are two license fee payment plans:

  • $495 training fee and $25.00 per week (payable at $50.00 per fortnight – min 12 months) – click HERE to register
  • $1,745 includes training fee and license fees for 12 months  – click HERE to register

License – Frequently Asked Questions

Full training is provided to all dietflex licensees to qualify so that you can deliver the dietflex program and provide professional support to your clients. As a dietflex coach, you deliver the program to each client, not design it.  The dietflex program is not a “one diet suits all” but a “one process for all”. It’s designed so that the coach and the client work together in the step-by-step process to help each client develop the exact diet that helps them lose weight (without hunger) and develop habits so that new weight is sustainable.

Yes. All dietflex coaches are encouraged to DO THE DIETFLEX PROGRAM!  Whether you need to lose any weight or not, doing the program will help you experience the program and processes as a client and help you be a more effective coach. If you do have some weight to lose, then it will be an opportunity to use yourself as an inspirational example. There is no better marketing than having friends notice how great you look and asking you how you did it. Although doing the program is encouraged as a great learning experience, it is optional.

You should allow around 2 weeks (part-time) to complete the training.

The training is delivered via the dietflex online training portal. Every licensee has their own login and can access their training anytime from any computer. The training is self-paced. You can go at a fast pace or a slow pace, depending on your time and learning style. After you have completed the initial training, which is broken into two segments, there is additional training on motivational interviewing.

No. The dietflex program is all about helping each client learn the unique and optimal way of eating for their body to enable sustainable weight loss. If the client is already exercising, they should be encouraged to continue.

Many overweight people are not inclined to exercise: some don’t have the energy; some are embarrassed; some find it uncomfortable. The good news is that when people (even overweight teenagers) start the dietflex program, two things happen: their weight goes down and their energy goes up, so they become more inclined to exercise.

And so we say “Exercise does not lead to weight loss.” but that “Weight loss leads to exercise”. Our goal is to eventually get all dietflex clients to exercise for life.

If you have any questions please contact the dietflex support office: Phone (07) 3177 0842 – during Brisbane business hours