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This is an internal (licensee and staff only) page, not to be shared with members and clients.

Please be aware that all optins to landing pages provided by dietflex will be tagged to receive a weekly email generic weight loss series called NURTURE, if they do not get registered as a new member within 10 days of opting in. This is designed to build "know, like and trust" and support your follow up and offers you make these prospects via phone. text or email. When any of these subsequently enrol (and you register them for the BOOST program) they will no longer receive the NURTURE emails.

If a member discontinues you should remove them from BOOST using the orange remove button at the bottom of this page. This will start the NURTURE series for them.

Anyone receiving these emails can unsubscribe at any time.

1. Boost for New Member - In Centre Coaching

Use this link if you'd like to register a new member for our Boost weekly email online education program.  It goes for 52 weeks until you remove them from the list. It is a generic dietflex-branded email that is delivered every Sunday and starting on the 1st Sunday 4 days after you register .

2. Boost for Existing Member - In Centre or Remote

The only difference between Boost 1 and Boost 2 is the welcome message. Boost for existing members starts on the 1st Sunday after you register them.

3. New member - Remote (Zoom) Coaching

Use this link if you'd like to register a new member to receive Quick Start email straight away plus our Boost email online education program on the 4 days later. They get the first 6 emails each day and then weekly on Sunday afternoons.

4. Remove Member from Boost

Use this link if a member cancels so that we stop sending them the Boost emails.