Jill MacGregor

Jill MacGregor

Originally from New Zealand, Jill is a Sydney-based Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with 30+ years’ experience. She is a member of Dietitians Association Australia.

Jill’s clients include community-based referrals from specialists and general practitioners and include numerous high profile individuals. Her clients range in age from 6 to 80 years.

Jill is the published author of The Diabetes Cook Book for the Whole Family. Jill is regularly consulted for comment in national, state and local newspapers and conducts regular national radio.

Jill’s specialty areas include weight loss, diabetes, paediatric weight loss and gain, food allergies and eating disorders (e.g. compulsive eating disorder, bulimia, and endocrine disorders such as gout, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and thyroid dysfunction).

Jill also regularly consults to food companies, as well as nursing homes and private hospitals and specialises in family group education.

Jill’s philosophy is to teach positive nutrition messages from an early age to enhance self-confidence, as well as health and weight management. Her messages include:

  • Parents and /or carers and guardians should always practice what they preach in terms of food and drinks choices.
  • No food groups should ever be banned from a balanced diet and or weight loss food plan.
  • Flexibility and variety in food choice is key to health/ happiness and eating competency.
  • Eating and dining in general should always be a pleasure rather than seen as a tool for any negative purpose or experience.
  • Jill’s confidence in the effectiveness of the dietflex program has seen her add dietflex coaching to her practice, offering clients the option of seeing her as a dietitian or as a coach.