Meet Lauren

 Before and now

Before and now

Lost 18kg

I had a wonderful experience with Tara, my dietflex coach. I did the program for 16 weeks and lost 18kg. I had tried other diets on my own before, but never managed to stay on them. Having Tara definitely helped me stay disciplined. She is very easy to communicate with and kept encouraging me by giving me advice, tips, suggestions and positive feedback.  She managed to keep me motivated and committed to meeting my weight loss goal. I now have a lot more energy,

I feel healthier and more confident, and more importantly I can now keep up with my 3 young kids.

Thank you so much Tara, it was great to have your support and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. I recommended you to everyone I know! The whole dietflex coaching program more than exceeded my expectations, and I am more than happy with the final result.