Meet Sue

 Before and now

Before and now

“I had tried many diets over the years having small success. Being in my mid forties I had suffered severe Osteoarthritis for the past few years. Being restricted with exercise I was slowly gaining weight. Then at the YMCA I heard about a new program called dietflex which I thought was a good chance for me to lose some weight and gain control of my health.

After seeing the first phases with the dos and don’ts, I was a little daunted but there was a good variety of food to choose from. It was quite a change from my regular eating habits but I persevered and saw great results early on which gave me determination to keep going.

As the first phase concluded I continued to achieve good results, I felt lighter and happier. Meanwhile only having to exercise around 30 minutes a day. Starting the second phase I was quite excited as I could add so many foods. I still achieved a steady weight loss, but most importantly I was controlling my intake of food whilst maintaining a good variety of meals. It wasn’t easy though having people out and at work eating foods that I couldn’t, but my results made me even more determined to push on. I was eating healthy, exercising more and losing weight and centimetres at a good rate.

By the third phase started, I was seeing great results with my emphasis being on diet and not high impact exercise, which made all the effort worthwhile. I also got to add more foods as time went on and I found the transition easier improving my outlook making me feel proud of my progress.

With dietflex I have made a great headway towards achieving my weight loss goal. Having great results by following dietflex has given me the tools in healthy eating that can help me long into the future.”