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Hi there SAC members,

Although you might have heard me talk a lot about nutrition and the food choices we can make to improve our lives, there's a limit to what you can achieve with nutrition alone.

Use it or lose it.

Specifically, most of use earn our living "from the neck up" which means we don't use our muscles, joints, bones and ligaments to earn our livings, put a roof over our heads and to feed ourselves.

This means that we can lose strength, and with that loss of strength is a decline in metabolism which makes weight control harder. Also, you've heard me talk about an undiagnosed condition called Insulin Resistance (IR). One of the most effective strategies (together with a low carb diet) you can use to prevent and even reverse  IR is strength training. Interval training can also help.

There's two types of coaching you might consider to optimise your health, slow ageing and control your weight:

  1. dietflex weight loss coaching to guide you, save time and hold you accountable.  See HERE.
  2. personal training - either in the gym or online. 

If you have any questions about the content on these two videos I recorded for our online 6 week Keto Fitness program, feel free to write to me

All the best!