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  1. We'll send you our plain-English agreement that protects our intellectual property and brand.
  2. You'll get access to our online dietflex coach training program. You can also have a fellow team member (who works at the same location) do the certification with you. See the video below for an overview of the online certification.
  3. You'll get access to our wholesale shopping cart so you can order
    1. Your client materials Educational and recipe booklets (3) and Daily Planners (4)
    2. Your stock of protein snacks You buy these at wholesale.
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To get started please click the orange button below. It will take you to our DebitSuccess direct debit online form. Please note that the $495 is paid at the start and the direct debit ($50 per fortnight) does not commence until 14 days later. This is to give you extra time to get started.

Agreement basics

  1. The agreement is month to month.
  2. With the Once Off Debit simply insert the start date. Insert today's date so you get access ASAP.
  3. On the Regular Debits please insert a date that is in 14 days time.
  4. The billing frequency is fortnighty.

Your complete weight loss business solution

dietflex gives you all the training, systems, tools, marketing and sales processes to attract and serve new clients. Here's a quick 7 minute video with dietflex national training manager Robyn Jordan giving an overview of the e-learning platform.