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Weight Loss Program for Medical Centres, Doctors and Allied Health Professionals

A new option to help motivated patients lose weight with your continued supervision

No doubt you have a list of dietitians to whom you can refer patients for expert dietary advice, especially if they have co-morbidities. Unfortunately, the five visit Medicare EPC scheme is inadequate to achieve a successful weight loss outcome for most people.

Business opportunity - dietflex

  1. GP screened low-cost, user-pays weight loss coaching program
  2. Program designed and overseen by Accredited Practicing Dietitian
  3. Coaching program based upon determining the patient's individual carbohydrate tolerance and what that represents in foods that they enjoy (versus 'energy balance' eat less and exercise more)
  4. Delivered in your practice by a dietflex-trained coach, typically a nurse practitioner, dietitian or exercise scientist
  5. Face-to-face one-on-one coaching
  6. High frequency - weekly 15-minute sessions

Potential Earnings

The surgery sets the fees for 15 minute dietflex coaching sessions. The coach can see 4 patients per hour generating between $120 to $180 per hour. To maximise patient attendance (and results) it is recommended that patients pre-pay for a 12-week program or pay by pre-agreed direct debit. This minimises non-attendance and admin time. Some obese patients will require long term coaching.

Professional Indemnity

If the chosen coach does not have professional indemnity insurance cover, this is available through dietflex insurance broker.

Coach remuneration

Coaches can be paid per session, per hour, or on a revenue-sharing basis, depending on the business model of the practice.

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To learn more

If you would like to learn more please click the button below to book a time that suits you best. You are welcome to have others on the call. Alternatively feel free to call the numbers below.

Jamie Hayes, CEO dietflex

Mobile 0418 281 126
Email jamie@dietflex.com.au

Co-founder Low Carb Down Under - https://lowcarbdownunder.com.au/about/

Why low carb weight loss?

The energy-balance theory that weight loss is just about "calories in versus calories out" made perfect sense. But the problems with this belief included:

  1. It treats the human body like a bank account which grows if you put more money in than you spend, and shrinks if you spend more than you put in. Unfortunately the human body behaves more like a chemistry set - controlled by the body's hormones.
  2. If you simply tell people to "eat less and exercise more" they'll get hungry. Hunger is the enemy of weight loss, and sustainable results. If you've tried that, you'll observe that the results are variable.
  3. The calorie-balance theory ignores a hormone-driven growth pattern; the 1950's discovery that carbohydrate intake (in excess of each individual's tolerance) elevates insulin, and that elevated insulin drives fat accumulation.
  4. The challenge is how to uncover each patient's individual carbohydrate tolerance and what that means in foods that they (and their family) like to eat.

The dietflex advantage - because one diet does NOT suit every body, people need a guided process to develop the healthy sustainable DIET that is FLEXIBLE to suit their food likes.

How dietflex works for doctors and medical practices

Plan A

  1. The practice purchases a dietflex license: $495 training fee and then $25 per week, or $1,495 for year one and then $995 each year thereafter.
  2. The practice identifies one or two people who wish to do the dietflex online coach certification and wish to be paid to coach those signing up to the program at the practice. They do NOT require any specific health, fitness or nutrition qualifications. Depending on who does the face-to-face coaching, the fees may or may not be rebatable. Either way, there is a segment of all communities who are willing to pay for a personal service and superior outcomes.
  3. The doctor or practice manager has a strategy phone session (with me, the dietflex CEO) to determine: pricing, program marketing for new "weight loss patients", and program sales.

That's the overview. This plan assumes the patient pays the practice (pre-pay for an 8 or 12-week program, or via direct debit) and the practice pays the person who delivers the dietflex coaching.

Plan B

Plan B assumes the person delivering the dietflex coaching buys the dietflex license and pays a percentage or a session rent to the practice. I'm happy to chat about the pros and cons to both business strategies.

(We can also chat about how to bundle dietflex with other services for a higher fee.)

When you and your practice have a system that delivers predictable weight/fat loss results, you become know for the weight loss results you deliver. As their doctor, you can monitor their health outcomes.