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Which Diet Best for Keeping Weight Off

img_1 thumbnailResearchers in the USA have done some very valuable research to answer the question “What diet is best to keep my weight off?”

The study involved a group of people who were put on the same well-controlled diet to lose about 12% of their starting weight. Then the participants were divided into three groups:

  1. Low Fat diet: 10% fat, 30% protein, 60% carbs
  2. Low GI diet:  20% fat, 30 % protein, 50% carbs
  3. Low Carb diet: 40% fat, 20% protein, 40% carbs

All groups were fed the same number of calories. Before the study most people believed that ‘a calorie is a calorie’ but this study showed those that ate the low carb, higher fat diet kept off more weight AND had more energy.

To be sure, the groups were randomly rotated and so all participants tried each diet for 4 weeks.

There was much discussion about why this happened. The researchers were perplexed. We have our view and it’s all about Nutrient Partitioning. This is a concept that is similar to the fuel partitioning that hybrid (petrol/electric) cars use. When we take in more carbs, our body’s excrete more insulin, whose job is to drive the elevated blood glucose into the cells. For many, this leads to energy being stored in fat cells and those same fat cells less able to release energy.

Of course, each person responds differently to the quantity of carbohydrate and that’s why we believe that ‘one diet doesn’t fit all’. The trick is to have a process (think dietflex) where you can discover the mix of carb, protein and fat that works best for you – but in a simple way.

But even though the researchers acknowledged that the low carb diet was more effective in sustaining weight loss, they questioned if people could maintain the reduced food choices.

That’s why we at dietflex help people develop a great range of low carb choices for every situation so that they feel great and never feel deprived.

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